Moving To A New Home

Mon Ami,


These past few weeks, I had been apartment hunting and finally was able to get the one that I really wanted as my first choice. After signing the papers and other rental details aside from calling all concerned people and agencies of my eventual change of address, I  am now in the process of sorting, boxing and bagging my things and throwing away unnecessary stuff.

I’m now waiting for my new home keys so that I  can start putting away some stuff into that new place so that the movers wouldn’t have much to haul out on the big day, i.e. Moving Day.

I expect in the coming few weeks that I will be very busy trying to get everything together for the big move. I also expect that during that particular period of time, I will be writing less of my blogs until I’m finally settled in there. But don’t worry, mon ami. In between, in case there’s something very interesting that catches my attention, I’ll write about it. I cannot be denied of such an opportunity! You know me better than that.

I hope that both you and your loved ones had a good Easter break. Spring is here…a period of renewal . In my case, it’ll be in the form of a new home( aka nouveau maison.)

I can now just imagine living in there with feelings of giddy excitement amidst background music with lyrics along the lines of “A  chair is just a chair and a home is not a house,etc” to that effect…..Well, you know what I mean.

Let me know if you were able to tap maple syrup from the maple trees. This is the perfect time!


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