Quebec Day Care Shootout

Today(April 5,2013) at 10:27 am ET in Gatineau,Quebec, Canada, a 911 call was phoned in from the day care center called Les Racines de vie Montessori regarding a shootout there at that moment. Police arrived at 10:30 am ET and immediately entered the day care center to find 2 men shot dead on the scene. One of the dead was the gunman who apparently died of a  self-inflicted gunshot wound. The other man was a day care employee. All 53 kids and the rest of the day care staff weren’t hurt and were quickly led out to a neighbor’s house where they were fed with lunch trolleyed in from Hull Hospital which was across the day care center. The neighbors and the daycare staff reacted well in this particular crisis.

To get a perspective of the area, Gatineau,Quebec is a town alongside the Ottawa River. Across this river, one would see Ottawa, Canada’s national capital and all the government buildings standing across this river as well. Ottawa is located within the province of Ontario, therefore, the Ottawa River has 2 provinces facing each other in a way.

Now as to the day care in question, it was opened only last year,based on an inspection report.

The naturally terrified parents immediately rushed to the scene but were asked to wait inside a bus while the police gathered the kids ages from infancy to 4 years of age. It wasn’t clear how much the kids had witnessed the shooting.

At a news conference which was held at 2:30 pm ET, the police said that the gunman entered the day care center which was comprised of 2 houses(225 and 229 Gamelin Street)–229 Gamelin Street had 5 infants and the rest of the brood–all 48 of them ranging in  ages 1-4 were located at the 225 Gamelin Street address. Gunshots were fired at both houses. The lone gunman reportedly carried a shotgun and was threatening people inside the day care center. He allegedly shot a male day care center employee and afterwards, shot himself to death.The shotgun was beside the gunman’s body when the police found both of the deceased.Investigation is still ongoing and so far, the police is working on the premise that the shooting was related to a breakup of a relationship.

Today’s incident reminded everybody on the scene of still fresh  memories of the Dec. 14, 2012 Sandy Hook Elementary School massacre in Newtown, Connecticut, USA. Even though this incident had happened in the States, it had touched a raw nerve of emotion to everybody worldwide because it happened to very young schoolkids in a school setting, all due to gunfire.

I had said my piece  regarding my views on mental health intervention, responsible gun ownership  and political bureaucracy on my 12-15-12 blog on the Sandy Hook Elementary School mass shootout .

All I can say right now is that mass shootouts will happen anywhere in the world. How to curb them, God only knows,IMO.


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