My Thoughts onThe Boston Marathon Explosion

I was getting my keys to my new apartment  yesterday(April15,2013)when I reached home and saw on TV the horrible news regarding an explosion at around 4pm+ EST at the Boston Marathon which is usually held annually every April15 as Patriot Day in the  American state of Massachusetts.

After trying to digest all the awful news details, all I can say, mon ami is that why does it have to happen? It’ll take time I know to find the cause and the perpetrators of this heinous crime.

April 15 is also known as the anniversary date of the Oklahoma City Bombing and the Waco Texas siege. It makes me think whether there’s a copycat component to this or if someone just fancied that particular date.

This year, proceeds from the Boston Marathon was supposed to go to the victims of the Newtown massacre/school shooting.(Please see my 12-15-12 blog on the Newtown school mass shootout for further reference).

What had happened to the city of Boston(also known as Beantown due to their love for baked beans)can happen anywhere. Fatally disrupting a sporting event of this magnitude makes me shudder of other future sporting events like the Super Bowl, Olympics,New York marathon,etc. Makes me think that the terrorist thinks of a sporting event as a soft target. To attack quite near the finish line suggest to me that the perpetrator is sending a big underlying yet unknown message with a huge exclamation as if he has the last say.

Things will perhaps become clearer as the investigation continues.

My thoughts and prayers are with  the victims of this awful event.

May God help us! Nothing is really safe anymore nowadays.


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