Life As A Book–We Live Chapter by Chapter

Mon ami!
So sorry to not being able to keep in touch lately. As I had told you before,I was apt hunting and once found my nouveau maison, to prepare for my eventual move. On Moving Day, I was busy setting up my new home when once my phone line got connected, I got the terrible news from my sister that our mother had passed away in her sleep, exactly on my moving day.
My initial reactions were numb and I was on auto-pilot just going on my business. Don’t get me wrong, mon ami. Things have to be done. Eventually, I do break down and give myself a good cry about losing my mother but then, knowing her, she would want me to soldier on. Crying can be good for the soul too. It can be cleansing and soothing at times. It’s no good for our mental health if we keep all our ill feelings inside. It just might drive us to the point of insanity.

My mother’s funeral will be held tomorrow and I’ll be taking some time to spend with the rest of my family before I head back to Canada next month. But as I told you before, I will blog if there’s something of great interest to me. I will not be denied of that opportunity.

As I reflect on the events of this past week, all I can say is that I live my life as a book . A book contains any given number of chapters. I will start a new chapter of living in my new home once I get back as well as living a new chapter without my mother’s existence around even though she doesn’t physically live with me even before that. You know what I mean,mon ami , by that of course.

We all practically live our lives as books. It’s what we make of them in terms of the plot that determines the prologue, main story,epilogue and conclusion so distinctive and uniquely all our own. Add to that too is God guiding us every step of the way in this life of ours. He has a plan for all of us before we all go home to Him some day at His time like what my mother’s journey in life had been.

Take care and regards to your family! Will keep in touch!

Au revoir!


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