The Cleveland Abduction Case on Seymour Avenue– My 2 Cents on This

Ever since the abduction case at Seymour Avenue in Cleveland,Ohio of the 3 women who have been in captivity within a period of 10+ years and this time,able  to escape from their captor in Hollywood-like fashion had been brought to light by the press, all the sordid and gruesome details had come to light for which I don’t need to mention anymore.

As the story still continues to enfold as we speak not only now but surely in the coming days, I  find it incredulous that the 3 women who were  abducted in their teen years,that they were unable to escape all that time. Whether due to unavailable physical access or intense psychological brainwashing inflicted on them, time will tell. Naturally, fingerpointing and Monday  quarterbacking will start between the citizens of Cleveland and the police force as to how such henious circumstances appeared to be out of visual range.

The 3 women definitely will need emotional and mental support/healing to get through. For the child born in captivity, I hope for her sake that she will have a normal childhood in spite of how she came into this world.

And as for the captor, I was gobsmacked as to how a man with a prior history of severe domestic violence could even get a job as a school bus driver! His actions are so despicable that in my opinion, he should be in solitary confinement. He will not live long if he mingles with the general prison population because I’m damn sure that even among prisoners, they will look at him as inhuman and dispose of him quickly out of existence.

Some folks had recommended the death penalty,others say torture him the same way as he did those 3 women and then get the death penalty,etc.etc.

One thing’s for sure. He’ll never be a free man. I extremely doubt that he can even get away with an insanity defense. If he ever goes out in the streets,he’ll be mauled by vigilant fanatics. He’s really in a no-win situation. He sows what he reaps.

I hope that due to this ongoing story that any missing child/person case will be given as much importance by everyone. Any tip no matter how trivial can break any case. Having the press involved helps too. It’s being neighborly,that’s all.


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