A Good Reputation Is Priceless

With the recent poltical turmoils in Washington regarding Benghazi,IRS probing of conservative political parties and the  Justice Dept.”s raid on the Associated Press’ records coming out like a nonstop leaking faucet, political reputations and legacies are at stake amidst a lot of political posturing. Very complicated indeed. We’ll just have to see how US President Obama handles this .

As to the recent Cleveland abduction case of  3 women who were now rescued, personal reputations are at stake too for both the abductor and his blood relatives. For the abductor, his defense lawyers have to come up with a very convincing defense on his behalf so as to at least spare him the death penalty for committing unlawful abortions on 1 of his kidnap victims and at best, let him free with his reputation intact. I find this as a very tall order for his lawyers due to the henious nature of his crimes.

For the abductor’s blood relatives, they have practically and verbally said in public that they have  already disowned him because of his crimes and of what they have to psychologically deal with for the rest of their lives in terms of anger,shame and hurt. Not only that but they still have to exist in the outside world and be forever worried if their own reputations have already been tarnished by association with him as their blood relative.

As I had said time and time again, it takes a long time, even years to build up a good reputation and only a few seconds to destroy it. Rebuilding one’s reputation will take a lot of effort and wouldn’t necessarily guarantee that it will return to its original state. It may possibly become a do-over or makeover from that original state . Just think of some celebrities who previously had public meltdowns  but only afterwards, were able to get back on top of their entertainment career by obviously making over their current personal situations.

Personal redemption and perception of one’s self and from others are just among the variables involved with attaining a certain reputation—good or bad. We’e not even talking about slander or libel here but these also affect another’s reputation but in a  more deliberate way ,often times, out of malice.

Just remember,folks! A good reputation is priceless. You’ll go far with it because you’ll come out as trustworthy ,reliable and smart enough to stay out of trouble.


  1. Agree with you Josie. I would loathe, loathe to be a relative of someone who did such things. I really don’t know what the defence lawyers can POSSIBLY come up with.

    • If those defence lawyers can come up with a valid defense except reasons of insanity and that the women asked for it themselves, then they’re really good lawyers. Frankly, I don’t envy those lawyers but I guess they got to do their jobs.

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