Canada Day, oh Canada!


Canada Day is on July 1st eversince it became a nation in the year 1867. Yes, Canada  Day is Canada’s birthday. Celebrations consist of picnics,going to the beach,  outdoor barbecue, festivals,firecrackers , parade, concerts, fairs and whatever activity you can think of. There’ll be the usual Canada Day accessories…. mini-flags,face stickers, hats,Canada day cake,cookies,cupcakes and candies(all in Canadian red and white frosting). By the way, mon ami, when we say “Canadian red” here in Canada, we mean bright red. Sometimes,when we describe ” bright red”, we just say” Canadian red” as a shortcut.”Canadian red” and white are the 2 colors seen in our flag ( 1 bold red stripe vertically situated on each side with a red maple leaf in the center amidst a white background).

We treat this day as another chance to unwind and celebrate it as part of a great summer aside from reflecting on the essence of being a…

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