Egyptian Revolution 2.0

Two years ago on Feb. 25, 2011, former Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak was ousted through people power and the Egyptian military after 30 years of dictatorship. That was known as the Egyptian Revolution.

Now comes Egyptian Revolution 2.0 on July 3.2013 when the same scenario happens but this time to now former Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi after being elected to office through a democratic process 1 year prior. The new interim president right now is Adly Mansour.

There has been endless debates as to whether it’s a coup or not and whether Egypt will still be granted the $ 1.5 B aid from the U.S. in light of this new political situation.

What seems to be lost and which I think that everybody needs to focus on are the reasons leading to this 2nd people power revolution.

I’m no expert on Egyptian politics but I do see a prevailing thought here that all politicians should take note irregardless of where they live around the world.

In spite of the fact that former President Morsi was a duly elected official, he didn’t do his job,meaning he didn’t make sure that the Egyptian people’s needs were being addressed in terms of providing basic infrastructure and services.He didn’t look into the Egyptian floundering economy and try to find solutions for it.

There had been reports that he allegedly was only focused in strengthening his own political party and wasn’t interested in a political coalition with the opposition parties as well as allegedly hoarding weapons from Iran and Pakistan. Sounds autocratic,don’t you think?

People can only endure so much suffering because of government incompetence and bureaucracy. It is very easy for anyone in power to lose touch of other people’s realties when one is shielded within the trappings of power.

Just remember. A political campaign is like an ongoing interview and vote courtship process. It doesn’t mean that once you win the election, it’s smooth sailing all through out. The voters are your employers. If they’re not happy with you, they’ll throw you out and it’s not on  a whim either.

Food for thought indeed!


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