When Bad Things Happen

With the recent news over this past weekend regarding the train derailment and subsequent(and still ongoing) fire at Lac- Megantic,Quebec ,Canada as well as 2 plane crashes(1 at San Francisco Airport and the other at Alaska), one would start thinking …what happened?

There will be ongoing questions of the “what,why,how” in terms of understanding the sequence of such tragic events as well as to how it happened and the precautions that need to be done to prevent any future tragedies.

There’s still the element of fate which I believe is way beyond our control and might be such a bitter pill to swallow, if one would think about it. Things happen for a reason,you know.

One thing’s clear: When bad things happen, it forces us to reexamine our perspective, priorities and purposes in life, not only for change but for the better good.

My thoughts and prayers goes out to the victims!


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