A Royal Prince Is Born!

Today,July 22,2013 will go down in British history as the birth of a baby boy who is considered as 3rd in line to the British throne. Born to Prince William(2nd in line to the throne) and wife the former  Kate Middleton, he was born on 4:24 pm British time and weighing 8 lbs,4 oz . He will be called  His Royal Highness,the Prince of Cambridge since his parents’ official titles are the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. His birth is the first since the British Parliament had already made gender succession law changes to ensure that any first-born boy/girl becomes a future British monarch. He’s Queen Elizabeth II’s 3rd great-grandchild and the first grandchild of Prince Charles(1st in line to the throne) and the late Diana,Princess of Wales.

No name has been decided yet at this time and since both his parents decided by choice not to know the baby’s gender beforehand, it’s expected that it’ll be a matter of weeks before we know the baby’s names. I say names because heirs to the British throne are supposed to have 4 or 5 names. Also in Britain, parents are given up to 6 weeks to decide what name(s) to give to their newborn.

He will eventually  be dealing with the ongoing spotlight from the press just like his parents. It will be up to his parents as to how to prepare him and even shield him as much as possible from it until he’s ready to do so.

One thing’s for sure. He’ll grow up to be a very handsome fellow since he has very good-looking parents to begin with. Talk about winning the genetic lottery!

Congratulations to the new parents! It’s a joyous event indeed!


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