Christmas in July(i.e. July 25)

It’s that time again for me! I’ll make the most of today because it’s my special day. Think also about it once your special day comes along too!


Whenever July 25 comes around, it means a few things for me. First, folks call it Christmas in July,specifically exactly 5 months before December 25. Second, it will be the birthday of the world’s first test tube baby Louise Brown which happened in the UK in  1976, thirdly, it’s the feast day of Saint James and lastly ,it’s my birthday, mon ami. It also heralds the mid-year timetable. If you had read my previous blog on July 5th titled Half-year mark,et al, you’ll know what I mean. Saint James by the way is the patron saint for laborers and also the patron saint of Spain(known also in Spanish as San Santiago).

Like I had always been saying,make the most of each day and one’s birthday is no different. The only additional point in terms of one’s birthday is to make it as memorable as possible.

Bon jour!


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