August Means For Me…..

My thoughts are still the same regarding the month of August which is reflected on this blog which I wrote last year.


The month of August is here and we practically are now  within the halfway time mark of summer. The days are slowly getting shorter, the heat wave is still ongoing though there’ll be sprurts of random showers in between  and  summer activities to celebrate the season.

A sign that autumn is coming is with the start of back-to-school sales  with the stores hoping to entice all parents to part with their paychecks this early so as to stock up on school supplies,fall clothes,etc. I wonder if the kids’ mindset are already on back-to-school mode at all? Nah. I bet you that they’re still enjoying their summer .

Another sign of upcoming fall weather is the changing of the colors of the leaves but it’s still quite early  yet for that to happen,mon ami. When it does, it’s a sight to behold, I assure you.

Thirdly, there’ll be a gradual nipping of…

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