Update on the Campbellton Python Incident

This is a follow-up to my previous blog–Aug. 10,2013 regarding 2 little boys and a python. Obviously, the death of the 2 boys from the hands of the python had become a watershed event regarding animal rights, the right to possess exotic animals and the strengthening of legislature regarding the acquisition,care and maintenance of exotic animals by people with the appropriate credentials and abilities to do so.

A few incidents here in Canada ,particularly in British Columbia and Ontario had revealed the hypervigilance and subsequent reporting  by local citizens with regards to pythons whether such animals were on the loose or illegally detained in unnatural surroundings. On top of that, the police authorities responded very quickly to check on the citizens’ reporting of such python sightings as well as involving zoologists,especially reptile specialists in such situations.

Pet stores and reptile emporiums also are now pressing their local Dept. of Natural Resources regarding the proper procedure to get a license/permit so as to validate their possession of exotic animals.

Local politicians are now reviewing their current by-laws,provincial laws and federal laws if any, to see if any amendments need to be done.

At this time, the Campbellton police in northern New Brunswick are still awaiting the final autopsy on the 2 little boys which may become available sometime next month . When that happens, depending on the findings, formal criminal changes will be determined and if needed on the owner of Reptile Ocean, the scene of the python attack on the 2 little boys–Connor and Noah Barthe.

So far, the owner Jean-Claude Savoie hasn’t said anything further in public upon the advise from his lawyer.

The Campbellton Dept. of Natural Resources had publicly insisted that they had never issued a permit to Mr. Savoie since the python,an African Rock type was a banned specie in New Brunswick province. The agency also claimed that they were never aware of the existence of such a python on their locality.

In the midst of such a tragic event, Connor and Noah’s death will not be in vain  since there’s a new-found awareness regarding exotic animals and how to deal with them appropriately.


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