Labor Day

Labor Day is celebrated worldwide as a day of tribute to all workers of all professions ,the observance of the dignity of labor/work, the recognition of safe working conditions ,the   importance of workers’ rights as well as their economical and social contributions to society.

As to when it’ll be celebrated, it depends on the country that it’s celebrated on.

For example, here in both Canada and the United States, it’s celebrated every first Monday of September. In both countries, the Labor Day weekend is considered as the last summer weekend  even though the fall season  officially starts before the end of September.

Reasoning behind this is because everybody has to go through the daily grind and all summer fun will be officially over by then. The coming of the cool weather is a reminder of this as well. Very soon, folks will be transitioning to wearing jackets and other thicker pieces of clothing to keep warm. The old adage of not wearing anything white after Labor Day perhaps meant to be not wearing bright colors especially white once winter sets in. It would probably make one appear to have disappeared in a blizzard! Frankly, I’d rather wear anything with a non-white color in case I get buried in the snow so someone can spot me right away. Just a thought!

Nevertheless, we make the most of the Labor Day weekend having final summer barbecues,picnics and other summer activities as well as saluting all our workers!


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