September Is Here Once Again!

As an old song goes, “And I’ll see you in September, when summer is gone, have a good time but remember, come back to me when summer is gone”. Sorry , mon ami, for digressing a bit but in context,excluding the romantic theme of that song phrase, it just goes to show that we’re back to the daily grind of life and business.

Fall season will start officially before the end of September and the weather gradually becomes cooler. This also means that the remaining quarter of the current year has arrived. A whole bunch of holidays will be coming in due time and the stores will be reminding us of that as well——(X’mas,Halloween,Thanksgiving,etc). Ah,yes,all for the bottom line!

The color of the leaves should eventually  change to more vibrant colors before they all fall down upon Father Winter’s arrival.

September is really here once again!


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