Living In A World of Ongoing Crisis

With the tenacious situation in Syria still looming and with  tensions in other parts of the world still existing, it makes me think that life is going on as it is even in a world of ongoing crisis. The Sept. 11 terrorists’ attack on the U.S (12th. anniversary) is arriving soon and a constant reminder of being part of a world crisis.

As a citizen, I watch all of these from a distance as a bystander, always thinking as to how it’ll all turn out. I may have my opinion as to how things should work out but I’m not a government official in any capacity to do something about it on a public platform.

I hope that all concerned officials do what’s necessary for the common good and to restore world order to a realistic level as much as possible without any vested political interests involved.

It may sound Pollyanna-like , I know but I can dream and hope for it, can’t I?

Without hope, there will be despair and life can really be a drag. Just existing and not living.

Just look at Japan having won the 2020 Summer Olympics bid in spite of their ongoing struggles to rise above the after-effects of the tsunami/earthquake a few years ago. That’s a hopeful moment. Knowing the Japanese people being humble,industrious and disciplined, I’m pretty sure that they’ll host the Olympics once again with a bang. The last time that they hosted was in 1964.

There’s an old Chinese saying that every crisis is an opportunity. Hopefully, the opportunities to solve world tensions will be found.

As they say, in life,there’s always hope.


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