The Kenya Mall Mass Shootout—My Thoughts On This

I had said it before in my previous blogs regarding mass shootings and the need for  gun control/regulations. It will happen again and so far, one area considered as a ‘soft’ target had already been ground zero for yet another mass shootout.

The soft target this time is in a shopping mall called the Westgate Mall,located in Nairobi,Kenya. This happened last Saturday and it took a while ,in fact,only yesterday I believe for the authorities to get the volatile situation under control. Considering that there were numerous and unidentified Somali men involved as the perpetuators and all  the uncertainty , chaos and sudden nature of the shootout, it was a delicate balance on trying to get the guilty parties and to save the lives of any victims,even possible hostages.

So far, several theories and discussions had come out regarding the gunmen and the trail of terror that ensued as well as the debate for more shopping mall security.

Considering that the Christmas shopping season will be upon us soon,perhaps,mall security is something worth looking into

. Frankly though, I feel that enforcing  100 % mall security will be a long stretch since physical logistics may become unrealistically obtainable.

We as the consumers need to be hypervigilant during our shopping trips and report anything suspicious to the mall security staff or call 911 if necessary.

Shopping mall shootouts had already happened here in North America . In my 12-12-12 blog, I mentioned the shootout  in the U.S.,at the Clackamas Center in Portland ,Oregon,the Westroads Mall in Omaha,Nebraska and in Canada, the Toronto Eaton Centre Mall in Toronto,Ontario.

However,bear in mind.that in all these 3 malls, it usually involved only 1 gunman in each case.

For someone like me who loves to shop, this latest mall shootout makes me realize that this is the new normal now to shop not only for great deals but also to look out for any signs of danger and to act accordingly within the realms of the law.

The pleasure of shopping has been taken to a new level now and to think that it’s not enough to be wary of pickpocketers. Now,, we have to be wary of gunmen!



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