The Philippine Typhoon Haiyan(aka Yolanda) Victims–A Struggle For Survival

Ever since  November 8,2013, the Filipinos living in central Philippines known as the Visayas region, life has never been the same again. At that time, a supertyphoon for all ages(international code name:Haiyan; local name: Yolanda) had swarmed over them leaving a great path of destruction and loss of lives, the total count yet to be determined.

The typhoon victims suddenly got face to face with a real -life struggle to survive amidst apocalyptic proportions—a combination of Mother Nature’s severe aftermath and shoddy logistics care of their local and federal government in reference to providing much needed aid.

High risks of anarchy could evolve if their basic needs for food,water and shelter aren’t met in due time. In terms of the mental and emotional losses whether in themselves or surviving their relatives from the typhoon, these will have to be addressed as soon as possible.

It makes me appreciate what I have right now in terms of living here in Canada and receiving basic services for daily living. It keeps me pretty grounded as to what my priorities are in life.

The news in that part of the Philippines is still ongoing and hopefully,the situation will start to stabilize once the much international aid has already been distributed to those who really need it.

Filipinos are known to be religious by nature and resilient in adversity. They take their faith in God as their guide to get through because they strongly believe that as long as there’s life,there’s always hope.

My prayers are with them!


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