2nd Update on the Campbellton Python Incident

For all of those who have been following  the news on the Campbellton python incident which involved the deaths of 2 boys in Canada  4 months ago,  I had written 2 blogs regarding this subject.

The 1st blog dated Aug. 10,2013,titled Two little Boys and A Python

The 2nd blog dated Aug. 17,2013,titled Update on the Campbellton Python Incident

Now, in today’s news in my neck of the woods, the latest update is that provincial legislators are working on making new regulations regarding exotic animals so that another unfortunate incident like what had happened to the 2 boys will not repeated.

There has been talks within the boys’ hometown of Campbellton,News Brunswick,Canada  of putting up a memorial for the 2 boys but the mayor reportedly said that such an idea will have to wait until the RCMP(Royal Canadian Mounted Police) report is released. So far, the RCMP is keeping things close to their chest  as the investigation still continues.

Media phone calls to the 2 boys’ parents regarding this memorial suggestion hasn’t been returned. Obviously, it has been  a very trying time for them especially since their sons’ deaths had been placed on a high profile level. Parental grief is very difficult for any parent, much less these parents and dealing with the circumstances which led to the boys’ deaths. With Christmas coming, it’ll only be more difficult for them and it’s imperative to give them privacy and space until they’re ready to talk to the public again.


    • I will indeed inform you if I hear any more updates. thanks for reading my blog regarding this. I sense that the RCMP is keeping details low-key for now till they could tie them up with concrete evidence which may explain the limited news coverage.

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