Nelson Mandela, A Man of Peace

Nelson Mandela, a 95 year old former first black president of South Africa,  former political activist,a retired lawyer and Nobel Peace Prize winner had finally succumbed to his chronic illness yesterday Dec. 5,2013. His illness was reportedly a result of accumulated effects on his body after 27 years of incarceration for his fight to break up apartheid.

He was seen as a man of peace, a wise yet humble person and was so  admired  by everybody. When I say everybody, I mean not only his people but also others worldwide.

He was compared to the late US presidents George Washington and Abraham Lincoln because of similar political views.

There are so many articles eulogizing him.

For me, he’s a great inspiration  and it’ll probably be a long time before anyone can be at par as him.

Rest in peace,Sir! You earned it after living a full life fighting for a cause.


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