Bringing Back Our Girls…. A Call for Action

Ever since the hedious mass kidnapping of 276 Nigerian teenage schoolgirls with about 50  girls being able to escape from their Boko Haram captors 1 month ago, ongoing searches,pleas and what-nots come into play to get them all back. Nightmarish thoughts  of possible human trafficking and subsequent  sexual slavery  on  a big group of teenage girls  who intend on becoming independent individuals and contributing to society in the near future is too much to comprehend.It’s as if they were being punished for pursuing an education by a group of chauvinistic men who have a perverted view of what females’ society roles should be.

Just now, perhaps, a flicker of hope, the Boko Haram terrorists issued a video of around 100 of the kidnapped Nigerian schoolgirls as possible evidence of proof of life and as political leverage for whatever demands they may want from the Nigerian government. As of this moment, initial reports lead to possible requests for release of political prisoners (Boko Haram fighters) in exchange for the schoolgirls. Nigerian govt officials reportedly refused the request.

Obviously under duress, the schoolgirls were dressed in Muslim attire (hijab) and reciting phrases from the Muslim holy book Quram. The terrorists claimed that the girls(mainly Christians) were already converted to Islam.

They say that no one negotiates with terrorists. It will take a lot of political savvy and ingenuity to get the girls back without compromising our principles.

The current hostage situation is really complicated  and really needs focus  and caution so that the girls’ safety will not be endangered as well as not giving in to extremist political demands.

It is quite sad that the Islam religion has been taken hostage again by extremists to pursue their dubious causes.

This is a time for a call for action. There’s still hope…the girls are still alive and not separated yet.

My prayers are with them and their families especially for their mothers who had a very difficult Mother’s Day yesterday without their girls.

I just hope that these terrorists wouldn’t harm these girls. They wouldn’t be able to voice out their political demands sensibly and credibly if even one strand of hair was touched on any of these girls.

It’s really a humbling experience which can make anyone  realize what is trivial/frivolous and really important in our respective lives.




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