3rd Update on the Campbellton Python Incident

Yesterday and today’s news update on the Campbellton Python incident reports that the reptile shop owner Jean-Claude Savoie’s lawyer had voiced out his side , claiming that the RCMP(Royal Canadain Mounted Police) had told him that no criminal charges will be filed on his client. This is in regards to the strangulation death of 2 young boys,Connor and Noah Barthe from a prohibited python species owned by Savoie,while having a sleepover at Mr. Savoie’s home(which is located above the reptile shop)..

Apparently,this lawyer had made this comment in light of reports that the lead investigator of the case was replaced with  a new one. The RCMP reports that the investigation is still ongoing .No other details were given. Even the mayor of Campbellton,New Brunswick supported the RCMP’s slow yet thorough pace of the  investigation considering the gruesome nature of the crime.

Will keep everybody posted for new developments.



P.S.   For further reference:  my 3 previous blogs—-8/10/13—Two Little Boys and A Python

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