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Robin Williams, a very famous  American comedian extraordinaire with a versatile flair of going and switching through different acting genres(drama,comedy, musical,standup,etc) had died at the age of 63 in his California home on August 11,2014. Cause of death as determined by the coroner was asphyxiation secondary to hanging from his bedroom door with a necktie.

Such a man who spreads laughter and fun to his audience was actually crying inside his heart. It appears  that it was his way of dealing with his problems by not letting anyone into his musings and blocking it out by exhibiting comedic overtures. Such a maneuver can make false impressions that even a naïve bystander think that he’s just joking and a good friend thinking that he’s dealing with his problems quite well. Also bear in mind that he was also a very good actor so his portrayal of  general appearances can potentially be misleading as well.

The reality of depression is often dismissed or downplayed for fear of social stigma since it’s a mental health problem. It’s actually a real medical problem which is a brain disease but definitely on an abstract level which requires observation,inference and intervention. When this is done, it will prevent utter tragedy since suicide is the ultimate result if the depression isn’t handled well nor promptly.

I hope that Robin Williams’ plight will bring into focus the reality of depression and substance abuse which is also a coping mechanism to deal with depression.

In spite of his constant seeking of treatment for his problems, I guess that his depression was so severe that the emotional pain became so unbearable for him that he took his own life to end his emotional suffering once and for all.

R.I.P. Robin Williams! You took our  human hearts by greeting us Nanu-nanu as Mork, the lovable alien. You’re now free like your  Disney character Aladdin’s genie from the bottle and now perching up there with the stars in the galaxy. Knock them dead up there with your comedic flair.

You will be missed and never forgotten!