PARIS…..POST 11//13/15

Whenever I think of Paris in the country of France, thoughts  come out like the City of Lights, where the Eiffel Tower stands tall, the city where haute couture originates from as well as Cordon Bleu cuisine,croissant. and foie gras,etc.

If I were to describe Paris as a person, I would think of the city as a woman specifically a femme fatale aka bombshell. I would envision her dressed in the latest Parisian haute couture, fully coiffed,wearing stiletto heels and displaying a voluptuous figure in spite of feasting on highly fattening French cuisine. She would appear worldy,sophisticated,assertive and displaying a mentality of joie de vivre(joy of life). In essence, she would appear as if she owns the world as her oyster.

In spite of this, she does maintain some degree of innocence beneath that exterior which unfortunately came out and was shaken when on Nov. 13, 2015(Friday the 13th in fact), some Islamic extremists groups began bombing and shooting throngs of people enjoying the essence of Parisian leisure in specific venues like the outdoor cafes,stadiums,theatres,restaurants,etc.

All the news updates that followed through were very unsettling which shows that we now live in a new normal that is, being aware that terrorism continues to exist.

I just hope that the country of France especially the city of Paris would pick up the pieces and soldier on. I would like to see the Eiffel Tower be lighted again and the mentality of joie de vivre return, perhaps not totally  the same as before ,but stronger and more refined for today’s times.

My prayers go out to them!

Vive le France,mon ami!



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