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From a previous news article dated on Nov. 25,2015, the scheduled preliminary hearing began on Nov. 24,2015 in the Campbellton Provincial Court for Jean-Claude Savoie being charged with criminal negligence in the case of an African rock python weighing 45 kg  (under his care in the reptile shop –Reptile Ocean which he previously owned) which asphyxiated the 2 boys Connor(6 yo) and Noah Barthe(4 y/0) on Aug. 5,2013 after escaping from its enclosure.

Mr. Savoie ,38 y/0, who’s now living in Montreal,Quebec had earlier chosen to be tried by judge and jury in New Brunswick Court of Queen’s Bench and won’t enter a  plea to the charge until and unless he’s committed to trial ff. this hearing.

Subsequent news reports stated that the presiding judge—Judge Brigitte Sivret ruled that a trial should go ahead. More details to follow once I do get pertinent info regarding this matter.

Quoting the L’ETOILE article by Michel Gourd, the events that prompted such a legal case involved the ff:

“The boys were killed while they were sleeping at their friend’s place next door to their family home. Earlier,they had spent the day with Savoie’s son, at the Savoie family farm.

Police said at the time that they believed the African rock python that was in an enclosure in the apartment found an opening through the ceiling,made its way to another part of the apartment and fell through the ceiling onto the floor near where the boys were sleeping together on the floor.

The snake then asphyxiated the boys.”