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Once again,like a broken record, another mass shooting had taken place in the United States(the worst one in that country’s history ) on June 12,2016 at the Pulse Nightclub, a gay nightclub which is located in Orlando,Florida. 50 dead,53 wounded is the current tally. The gunman, a US-born citizen of Afghan descent who  accdg. to his family,reportedly hated gays was killed during the ambush by authorities. He reportedly voiced out Islamic extremist thoughts when he called up 911 before the carnage.

Reflecting on this entire situation which is still evolving in terms of getting more details regarding him, his motive and whether he acted alone or not, it’s sad to see another group of people killed. This time, it’s a  group of people who practices an alternative lifestyle of  gender preferences and living life to the fullest with no intention of hurting anybody .

Even though the rest of us do not practice the lifestyle of the LGBT(Lesbian,Gay,Bisexual and Transgender), it is important to recognize that such a  lifestyle is a civil right to this population , much the same as one practices a different religion,etc. They’re humans like us.

It’s heartening to see around 1,500+  folks in the Orlando area lining up voluntarily to donate their blood when a cry for blood donations came out to help the seriously wounded.

Others are planning to hold vigils and whatever means to honor the memory of the dead as well as praying for the wounded.

Such acts of goodwill holds hope for me that all is not yet lost in this world. These are all silver linings , off-shoots from a despicable tragedy.

My thoughts and prayers to all the victims and their friends/families!










With the recent passing of the greatest boxing icon Muhammad Ali, his being called “The Greatest” doesn’t only pertain to boxing but also to his humanitarian work.

His overall persona touches everyone and would leave an indelible mark in both their hearts and minds of The Greatest One.

His bigger than life personality,tenacity and fortitude to follow and work towards attaining his dreams and goals in life had been very inspiring for all.

His biggest and final opponent in life was his ongoing bout with Parkinson’s Disease, an aftermath from his pugilistic career. His bravery,fortitude and perseverance in fighting this through was very heartwarming.

In my opinion, he boxed through the entire 15 rounds of the rest of his mortal life versus Parkinson’s Disease,still standing and in fighting form, not knocked out as per boxing jargon.

He left  this world because of an apparent septic infection secondary to unknown natural causes,not due to Parkinson’s Disease.

The Supreme Being above had called him to come home to the heavens already and not go for a possible round 16 if there ever was one in the boxing ring at all. Time to hang up the boxing gloves.

Though he left all of us here in this world, he will never be forgotten and his legacy as a great human being which encompasses not only his history in boxing but also his history in helping mankind in everyday life’s struggles will be hard to match but emulated ,not only by us but also with future generations.

To the Greatest One, I could hear the signature songs of Rocky Balboa  as well as that other song “We Are The Champions” playing in my ears.

Rest in Peace, Champ!