18th Update on 2 Boys and A Python

Chris Morris of the newspaper —Legislature Bureau had  news updates for today–Nov.1,2016 being Day 1 of the trial of the 2 boys Connor and Noah Barthe being killed by a python. Jury pool consisted of 4 men and 8 women,plus 2 alternates. Jean-Claude Savoie faces  a charge of criminal negligence. This trial is expected to provide answers as to what exactly happened that night as well as how the snake escaped and how the boys were killed. It is expected to last 2 weeks. Judge Fred Ferguson , the presiding judge at the Court of Queen’s Bench,delived jury instructions today rminding them that Savoie is presumed innocent until and unless the prosecutions case is proven beyond a reasonable doubt.

1st update consisted of how aggressive the python was and the description of the puncture marks and wounds inflicted by the python on the 2 boys.This is based from first responders who were called to the scene by Savoie who called up 911 that evening. Crown prosecutor Pierre Roussel presented his theory to the jury that Savoie  knew that there was an escape route for the python from its enclosure into the apartment where Savoie lived above his exotic pet store ,Reptile Ocean. An employee who will later testify in court that he warned Savoie about the vent cover to an air duct in the snake’s enclosure was often loose and sometimes constantly off. This would lead to the snake escaping  through the vent and when the ceiling came down,the snake fell through and then it was very close to the boys and subsequently caused their deaths. Between 12-13 witnesses will be called including a former employee who told Savoie a few weeks before the incident that she had seen the snake trying to escape throught the vent. Savoie reportedly told her one evening a few weeks prior to the incident that he was in the living room where he woke up and saw the snake dangling in front of him. He then was able to get th snake back into its enclosure but he still did not fix the vent cover.

Roussel told the court that the boys’ mother Mandy Trecartin will testify as to what her expectations were of Savoie when she allowed the 2 boys to have a sleepover at Savoie’s apt above the reptile store on Aug. 4,2013. following a trip to the Savoie family farm.

The Crown’s theory of criminal negligence stems from the notion that Savoie was in a breach of duty to taking care of the 2 boys when they were left with him by their mother.Savoie was aware of the nature and behavior of the African rock python which was reportedly pretty aggressive and that special measures had to be used for it.

Savoie,who now lives in Montreal,Quebec was present in court today and sat quietly through Roussel’s presentation. Roussel said that a DNA report will show the snake’s DNA which was found on the 2 boys as well as the 2 boys’ respective DNAs on the snake. The snake was later euthanized by a veterinarian.






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