The Shooting of a U.S. Congressman and other members of the political team

Today(June 14), being Flag Day, I thought that giving reference to the flag (irregardless of from what country one belongs to) is the priority task for today.
However, due to fate, it wasn’t meant to be. Neither giving much prominence that today is also the birthday of US President Donald Trump.

What happened today was the shooting of 1 US Republican Congressman (Rep. Steve Scalisse) by a gunman, known to be a supporter of US Senator Bernie Sanders during the 2016 US Presidential election. This all happened in a baseball field in Alexandra,Virginia,USA where both members of Congress were practicing baseball in preparation for a charity game tomorrow evening.

The gunman died from gunshot wounds inflicted by the US Majority Whip’s security staff( who were luckily present ). Rep. Scalisse was stable and will undergo hip surgery because he was shot at the hip. Later on, it was reported that he now got out of surgery and is in critical condition at the time of printing this blog.

The gunman through his social media trail, had voiced anti-Trump rhetoric and now the FBI is involved because it’s politically motivated.

I was afraid that because of the rising political rhetoric in the US, that something will just tip over.
Is today’s shooting the wake-up call to finally rein in all those hateful rhetoric which only incite violent feelings from mentally and emotionally disturbed individuals?
Is today’s shooting also the wake-up call to enforce gun regulation since it now affects the US lawmakers amidst a long history of mass shootouts in the US especially during former US President Obama’s term?

Time will only tell whether real changes will finally come or today’s events will just be forgotten in due time.

Just saying!


  1. Our world is broken. It’s just sad. I wish we all valued life more as a gift from God.🙏

    • Agree with you but with the reality of political self-interests, it’s more complicated to even explain the reality of the current situation.

      • You are absolutely right. I personally do not understand politics in anyway but I can say I deeply hurt for the regular person that is affected in it all. Our children, families and many others.🙏

  2. It is a concern. So is World War III around the corner that will break out in some smaller country… like Syria. Sigh!

    • It’s the awful,new reality in this world, Jason.

    • It’s the new ugly normal. All we can do is to go about our lives as usual and not get involved unnecessarily with others unless we really have to. Also to keep vigilant lest something awful befalls us all.

  3. Your words are well written… I am happy for you… I also welcoming you for visiting our site.. thanks..

    • Thank you for the kind words and the follow. I found your site enlightening as well and am looking forward to reading more of your posts.

    • You’re welcome. Will do so but you also need to add a link so folks can follow all your posts—LIKE,FOLLOW,etc. I can’t see any on your site.

  4. I did not know! No peep from the lefty So called journalis.

    • I do not know what news source you used but i am pretty sure that the type of journalists that you mentioned did cover this bit of news. Thanks for reading.

  5. I do not know what news source you used but i am pretty sure that the type of journalists that you mentioned did cover this bit of news. Thanks for reading.

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