Glen Campbell,RIP

On a belated note, the recent death of  81 year old country music icon Glen Campbell who had been struggling with dementia (specifically Alzheimer’s Disease)is a pivotal moment for him who wanted to leave a mark in this world and to say goodbye in his own way. He did it his way and I applaud him for that. He was able to do it while his mental faculties were still intact at that time and savoring every moment of it with the support of  his family,friends and fans.

I could see him now with his big white horse,wearing his studded cowboy outfit(rhinestones of course) and riding towards the heavens with the musical backdrop of his great hit—Rhinestone Cowboy.


  1. I don’t know Glen Campbell but whenever an icon is gone, I feel sad. It’s the same feeling I had when Francis M., Miriam Defensor-Santiago and Dolphy died.

    • For sure you must have heard his song–Rhinestone Cowboy. Go to Youtube. Francis M,though I dont follow his music, only 1 song I do remember about him–Mga Kababayan ‘Ko, Sen. Miriam–famous words–I eat death threats for breakfast and Dolphy–forever the comedy King. I love him in John en Marsha as John Puruntong.

  2. I have been listening to Campbell’s music for the past 30 years or so, and really enjoy the powered his hits .. here’s my version.

    • Yes. For now, preventive measures are the ones available but ongoing dementia research might have a breakthrough someday.

  3. Yes—the harsh reality of dealing with Alzheimers.

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