Sweet Home Alabama—Doug Jones Wins Over Roy Moore

The people of the US State of Alabama had spoken in  last night’s special state senatorial elections. They voted for a decent,respectable man in the likes of Doug Jones even if he’s a Democrat instead of Roy Moore, a highly unsuitable Republican who has extreme radical views as well as being accused of molesting teen-aged women when he was still in his 30’s.

The choice of a good and decent person to represent the values ,beliefs and attitudes of the State of Alabama at the US Senate in Washington,DC was imperative and still reflective in this situation..

Alabama has set an example to the rest of the USA and to the world to emulate.

I have never lived in Alabama but if I do or ever did, it would make me proud for what happened last night.

Sweet home,Alabama,indeed!





  1. Let us hope tis is the first of many major defeats for the Trump-era GOP.

    • YUP! As Arizona Senator Jeff Flake said—Decency wins!

  2. Sweet Home Alabama is a romantic movie, rught? Although I was too young when it was shown, it made me smile when I learned about Alabama state when I applied for a job in a call center 🙂

    • SHA is a romantic-comedy starring Reese Witherspoon as a New York socialite who went home to Alabama to ask her estranged husband(Josh Lucas) for a divorce so she could marry her New York fiance. At the end, she and her husband reconciled. I watch that movie as a rerun on cable.

  3. I was really shocked a year back when I heard that trump had won but it looks like things are getting back to place!

    • They’re just starting. Hopefully, this will continue.

      • Yeah, let’s see what can happen next

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