Anthony Bourdain, RIP

Anthony Bourdain,61 years old, a well-known celebrity chef had committed suicide (by hanging) today at a hotel room in France where he was filming an episode for his TV series at CNN—Anthony Bourdain–Parts Unknown.

Tony as he’s known, was a man of many talents aside from cooking—author, producer, food connoisseur, advocate for the end of opioid addiction, the #MeToo movement, adept TV documentator especially in his TV series—Parts Unknown as if we were literally traveling with him all over the world by way of the TV screen.

Tony was known as having a bad boy persona in the culinary world which made him appear genuine and appealing to his numerous fans. He was assertive and downright frank when discussing all kinds of worldly issues outside  that related to cooking. Such was his magnetic personality which makes him relatable and accessible as a cultural envoy ,similar to one who works for the United Nations.

It was heartbreaking to now know that  Tony was  in such great emotional pain that he had to end his life to escape from it. And to think that he had it all—fame, fortune, family and friends. He did battle his demons especially when he dealt with addiction problems years ago. Whatever he was dealing with on an ongoing basis up to his death, we may never know but just speculate.

With the recent death  by suicide(also by hanging)of the handbag designer–Kate Spade, suicide awareness and prevention cannot be overstated.

Thank you Tony for the memories.

A toast to you wherever you are now(some parts unknown,forgive the pun).

May you finally find the peace that had been elusive to you during your lifetime but please know that a  lot of folks care and will miss you very much as you go through your new journey—this time in the afterlife.







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