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Aretha Franklin, the 76 year old “Queen of Soul “died today(Aug. 16,2018) from an advanced stage of pancreatic cancer in her  Detroit,Michigan home under hospice care.

Whenever I think of the state of Michigan, I think of its port city–Detroit also known as Motown—-known also for all kinds of black music, soul,R & B, pop,etc.

I couldn’t help thinking that she also died today on the 41st death anniversary of  the King of Rock and Roll—Elvis Presley. as well as the birthday today of another Michigan native—Madonna.


Being the first female to be inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, as well as being the first African American female to do so was also an inescapable fact. She also had numerous other music and service awards but the role she prided herself most is being the best mother to her offsprings.

Some of her well-known songs like Respect, Ever Changing Times, Natural Woman and A Change is Gonna Come all reflect her ongoing crusade to bring the importance of a female’s role and contribution to society as well as overcoming racial barriers.

Being a trailblazer is an understatement to define her.

I could see her now riding the Midnight Train to Heaven(not Georgia this time,( excuse the pun) and the late George Michael will be there waiting for her ,reminding me of  their famous duet—I Knew You Were Waiting (for me).

As for me still here on Earth, to quote one of her famous songs—my absolute favorite from her collection—-I Say A Little Prayer for You, I give it as a tribute to her.

Thank you for the music and long live the Queen!






It was a typical Friday morning yesterday for me,getting ready for work when I suddenly watched on TV, some breaking news about a mass shooting scene in Fredericton(New Brunswick’s provincial capital and known as a university town) involving a gunman  who shot and killed 4 people(2 police officers among them) in Brookside–a suburban ,quiet and safe area (until 8/10/18)of Fredericton. The gunman has eventually been caught but the investigation is still ongoing.

Ongoing will be the continuous healing and coping of such a tragedy. It felt like a rerun of a similar nightmare that happened in a nearby city 2 hours away—Moncton where I live. It involved the shooting of 5 RCMP officers(3 dead and 2 wounded) answering the call of a man with a long rifle roaming around a quiet suburban area in the north side of Moncton. This happened on June 4,2014 and all the details have been posted on my blog dated both on June 5 and 6 with initial and subsequent updates,titled Moncton RCMP Shootout and Manhunt.

Personally for me, it felt like a flashback and whatever the city of Fredericton is going through right now, the city of Moncton can empathize what that’s really all about.

2 mass shootings in 4 years time in a Canadian province (New Brunswick)not usually known for mass shootings and especially involving the downing of officers of the law really brings home the fact that anything horrible and tragic can happen anywhere, anytime.

My thoughts and prayers to everyone affected!