Best Solution to End The US Govt Shutdown

After all these past few weeks of the ongoing (ad nauseum) US govt shutdown (because of  the US president’s obsession with building a wall along the US-Mexico border), the best solution to end this shutdown and spare the US federal workers from undeserved suffering because of with held salaries as a result of this———— since all these US politicians STILL GET PAID THEIR USUAL SALARIES in spite of this govt shutdown, their salaries SHOULD  ALSO GET FROZEN AS WELL  until they  finally get to an agreement regarding the border wall.   Better yet, donate their own salaries to the border wall funding.

I can guarantee you all that  US govt shutdown hubris  will end abruptly because it’s their own pockets which will get hurt.

So much for getting elected to serve the people, It’s just as a means to serve Number 1—themselves.

Just saying!



  1. I agree. Their salaries should be frozen as well. Perhaps, even totally lost. Then, we can see an end to this nonsense.

    • Great idea but only to the undeserved politicos. Just the thought that they know that the regular US federal worker is already trying to make ends meet—sell their own stuff, borrow money,etc and still let it happen for them makes my blood boil. it doesn’t affect me–being Canadian –but I feel the pain of those afflicted. Its wrong!

      • Ditto! All we can do now is just pray for a miracle or better yet, let lightning strike where it needs to be.

      • Same to you!

  2. This idea of ‘freezing politicians’ salaries’, with no doubt, is agreed with!

    • Yes! Now if only it can be implemented. We just have to see how this soap opera ends.

      • Sure, ‘if only’ it can be implemented.

    • I stand by it. Even though there’s now a temporary return to govt business, its only temporary until Feb. 15. Those politicians need to have their pay frozen too. Once they feel the pain, all this hubris will be over.

  3. Alphe said:

    Politicians always have special treatment and know absolutely nothing about real world and real life. Sigh. It’s crazy that our countries are usually ruled by people detached from reality.

    • The problem is that deserving and capable folks are not interested in politics and mostly, the sleazy-greedy-selfish ones enter politics. I can only count a few who are great politicians . I stand by my convictions—-freeze away their Congress and White House paychecks and this impasse will forever end. The new revival will only last till Feb. 15. Those federal workers should not be subjected to that awful experience again.

      • Alphe said:

        Of course, you’re right. Sadly, we all know it’s not going to happen. Double standards etc.
        Example. In my country, personal tax-free allowance is 3000 PLN (about 1000 USD), which is considered below any humanitarian standards. Politicians have been promising to change it for years and all they did was they actually DECREASED the amount if your income is above some threshold. Did I mention that politicians are the only group with that tax-free allowance slightly higher, unconditionally, no matter the income… around 30 000 PLN? 🙂

      • IMO, in any country, a politician works himself to get elected, enjoy all the trappings of power, strive to get reelected and be assured of a gold-plated pension plan upon retirement from politics. Nothing new. Self-interest is the name of the game and thats the sad and awful truth.

    • Wow, I did not know that. I though because of government shutdown, there is no money to pay/salary wise.. ha.. if I don’t go to work – I don’t get paid.

      • Right on and Trump’s threatening another shutdown after Feb. 15. Politicians’ salaries need to be frozen too.

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