Trump’s “National Emergency” Declaration—-Dictatorship in the Making?

Today,post-Valentine’s Day(Feb. 15,2019), U.S. President  Donald Trump  declared a national emergency with regards to building his border wall along the US-Mexico border. In this way, he would decide the allocation of funds which would make it possible for such a wall construction to take effect. God forbid that he will dip his fingers on the US social assistance funds so as to support his border wall dream.

What happened  to his claim that Mexico will pay for the wall? Will he also donate some of his personal funds or even his Presidential salary to the wall endeavor? Just asking.

Never mind checks and balances in government. What he did is basically trying to get what he wants  in his own way and bypassing US Congress. Appears more like a dictatorship in the making.

Running Trump Towers as the main boss is one thing . Running a government is another.


If he really wants to execute his national emergency powers,he could do it now to enforce gun regulation in light of today’s factory shooting in Aurora. Illinois. Also as a side note, yesterday was also the 1st year anniversary of the high school shooting in Parkland,Florida.

It remains to be seen if the other US politicians will collude with him or not just for short-term political gain with regards to today’s declaration. Whether they have the political spine or not to protect US democracy.

God help us all!



  1. I respectfully disagree with your post. I might not be the smarter person but, I do not in the lest believe that President Trump is a wannabe dictator. He is only trying his very best to protect us. I hope you will not stop following me for being honest with you as I usually am with everyone. God Bless you. Don’t worry Trump is a “good man”

    • First of all, you are entitled to your opinion. This will not stop me from following your blog,rest assured.What concerns me is that he is overplaying his hand and teetering over violating the US Constitution. We will see if he does ANOTHER national emergency declaration for SOMETHING ELSE THAT IS TRIVIAL. Then only then will we know if he is already going too far.

  2. Ray V. said:

    I also respectfully disagree. This is all politics and politics only. You mention that maybe he should donate his salary for the wall. You may not recall that President Trump is not taking a salary….he declined it and is not getting one. There are currently approximately 30 “National Emergencies “ in force that were issued at different times in our history. President Obama declared 12 during his tenure and Bill Clinton, 17. Every president has issued them . Only now is it an abuse of power? All the things that President Trump is asking for are less than that had previously been approved under President Obama, but never followed through on. Where are the videos of President Obama and Chuck Schumer talking about how we must keep illegals out and a border wall is the best way to do it? The democratic leadership has pretty much come out and said that they will do everything they can to thwart him (Trump) having any successes. It is also unfortunate that the mainstream media shares the views of Nancy and Chuck, thus depending on where you get your news, you are likely getting filtered opinion. For over two years, they have thrown everything but the kitchen sink at him, but he still has a 52% approval rating. I enthusiastically voted for him in 2016 and will again in 2020.

    • I hear you ,Ray. Regarding presidential salary, I know he does not receive one because he donated it to charity.I should have been more articulate in stating that it should go to the border wall funding this time. My main issue is if he is going to use national emergency declarations without going to Congress for everything else in the future.Then we will be talking about a potential US consitutional crisis. I have yet to see about this but i can understand the anxiety of other US politicians and the US press considering his personality . Before I lived in Canada, I used to live in the Philippines (even though I am of Chinese descent)where we were under the Marcos dictatorship. Some aspects of the news I receive, even if as you said was filtered brings back memories to me about emerging dictatorial tendencies. For free press fairness, what you told me now about the Obama-Schumer-Clinton news should come out as well.I would love to know more about it. No one’s a saint in politics. You have a right to vote for Pres. Trump . If he is the best from the others, so be it.Thanks for giving me your input. I appreciated it.

  3. If Trump wants the wall that badly why doesn’t he pay for it!

    • Your answer is as good as mine. I guess it is just human nature. It is easier to use another person’s money than one’s own.

  4. Hal Barbera said:

    God help us all! For ‘Diana Sure!’

  5. Military families go to Congress complaining about rampant mold, pests, and all other kinds of concerns. The next day Trump decides to pull billions of dollars from the military construction fund to build his wall. Even if Trump chooses to take this money from other military construction projects instead of housing, they are all projects that go to support quality of life projects for the military and their families. Your talking roads, hospitals, barracks, etc…

    All Trump had to say about these projects is that “they didn’t sound too important”. He might not think so but to the millions of service members and their families that are affected by those cuts it’s a big deal.

    • I agree but what can one do? You have some politicians enabling this to happen as well. Unless there is a legitimate mass protest about it, I doubt very much that things will fo favorably.

      • Even a mass protest wouldn’t do much in the short term. One only needs to look at the women’s march to see how Trump views those. Let the momentum build and ride it into 2020 is the best bet.

      • Yup and once the Mueller report comes up,hopefully to the public, then the momentum rises!!!

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