The Mueller Report

Yesterday, US Special Counsel Robert Mueller finally submitted in its completion, his report (regarding his investigation of possible Russian involvement of the 2016 US Presidential Campaign—Donald Trump vs Hillary Clinton)to the current US Attorney General  William Barr.

The much awaited Mueller report which was  maligned and praised depending on which US political party was talking about  it during its exhaustive investigating and fact-finding stages  has finally been completed after about almost 2 years and should be presented in its full entirety (without editing) to the people of the US who footed their tax bills on such an endeavor. We should also remember that during the investigation, Mr. Mueller also had  issued a substantial number of indictments regarding possible players being responsible as well.

Expect a lot of analysis,parsing,interpretations and misinterpretations as well as political spinning once that report comes out.

Let the chips fall as it is needed.

If Mr. Mueller so chooses, he can even publish his report in book form and I am sure it will become a runaway best seller. Remember Ken Starr with the  Starr Report regarding former US President Bill Clinton?

Mr. Mueller has been widely known as a very decent ,honest and honorable man. Whatever he says in that report will have to be accepted by the public in respect to him.

Like in the movie “ A Few Good Men“, a famous line was said—“You can’t handle the truth.” Hopefully, we will handle it.

In the meantime, I will get out my popcorn and enjoy the show. This will be very interesting to watch.

It’s Mueller Time!(my apologies to  Miller Beer—lol)



  1. One thing is certain, no one will emerge smelling of roses!

    • You betcha! I am sure the bookies are busy making a lot of bets as to what the outcome would be. I wish i was a fly in the room when that whole Mueller document is being read right now.

  2. If it were made into a book…well, I’d be first in line to buy it! Haha! So curious what will come out with these reports.. Indictments haven’t been happening for no reason.😳 Thank you for keeping us updated! Love reading your blog! ♥️

    • Thanks so much. I say it as it is. Regarding 1 news source, there will be no further indictments from this submitted report, It can mean either there are really no more indictments at all OR there should be an indictment but due to a legal technicality, it cannot be warranted. If I were a lawyer, I probably would think deep like that. And definitely, I would buy THAT book even if it’s pre-ordered at Amazon!

  3. Basically agree, but why has he ignored the glaring criminality of the agencies: FBI, CIA, DOJ? I’m concerned when those in charge of enforcing the law ignore those not protected by the establishment.

    • It might be more complicated than both you and I know. He was part of the system and probably knows out of a sense of discretion to know what and when to say.

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