Toronto Raptors On Their Way to the NBA Finals 2019

May 25,2019 will be a day that every Canadian will remember in the world of basketball. The Toronto Raptors(lone Canadian team in the National Basketball Association,Stateside) had won Game 6 in a best of 7 series vs. the  Milwaukee Bucks—100-92–which by itself is already of historic proportions.

It took the 24 year old basketball franchise for the first time to get the golden ticket to the NBA Finals . Being the first and only Canadian team to do so is also worth noting.

Win or lose in this upcoming NBA Finals, this team already made basketball history in that respect.

It galvanized not only the city of Toronto but also the rest of Canada to root for this team. The Toronto Raptors will be facing this coming May 30th,the defending champions Golden State Warriors(3 time NBA champs ,take note). A David and Goliath scenario indeed. Suddenly, it becomes a Canada vs. USA face–off.

Canada may be known as a hockey crazed nation but it should be known that the sport of basketball was invented in Canada.

Good luck to everybody and I am sure that it will be an exciting series.

I am bringing out the popcorn as well as checking the channels for that fateful day.




  1. If Toronto wins the nba will be more global . 💡 I’m following the nba as well check me out 👍🏽

    • I will. I am hoping that they will let Jeremy Lin play as well. I miss the Linsanity saga.

      • Lol I doubt he’ll play because Vanvleet is playing great defense and shooting the 3P shot at a high level. If there’s a blowout you might see him

  2. Humanity Lives On said:

    What an insightful post, looking forward to the match all the way from the other side of the world too. 🙂 – Cezane

  3. 🍿🥤📺

    Surely inspired by the popular (and semi-controversial) t-shirt slogan “Toronto vs. Everybody,” the new Raptors tagline is more combative than the still popular “We the North” battle cry.

    • Probably the first shirt slogan was made and geared for the championship series alone, that is after surviving all the other US basketball franchises during the playoffs to face one more showdown with another US franchise. We the North slogan is more of a civic pride.

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