2 Mass Shootings Within 13 Hours Time–The Gun Debate and Political Inaction Goes On As Usual—Ad Nauseum

August 4,2019

Both  American cities in El Paso,Texas and Dayton,Ohio had experienced separate mass shootings within a 13 hour period of time. Walmart in El Paso and a local nightclub in Dayton.

Both gunmen are Caucasian, in their early 20’s and preoccupied with killing people. The El Paso gunman has a white nationalist background and expressing rhetoric regarding immigrants. El Paso has a predominantly Hispanic population.He even drove 9 hours to El Paso to carry out his evil plan. (Such premeditation and a deliberate act)Speculations would be ongoing regarding this matter. On the Dayton gunman’s mind, it is still to be determined whether it was a copycat maneuver or not. Ongoing investigations into his mindset is still being explored.One finding came out regarding his writings which focused on being preoccupied with killing people. One thing’s for sure—his own sister was among those killed inside that nightclub.The Dayton gunman was killed in spite of the fact that he wore a bullet-proof vest.(Also premeditated and deliberate on his part).

As far as I can see this situation which is not new, we have 2 men who are mentally ill to even consider going on a killing spree but I wonder if it would also take something like triggers(hateful rhetoric,  political enabling and inaction,etc) to make these 2 men carry their evil plans out. Those who provide such triggers should also be held responsible as well  in my opinion.

The gun debate and political inaction secondary to political self-interests with regards to the NRA will still go on–ad nauseam.

I believe in the 2nd amendment but it has to be responsible gun regulation and ownership.

My heart goes out to the victims(and their families) of these 2 horrible shootings.

If ever change will occur, it will have to start from the top in more ways than one—gun laws, toning down of hateful rhetoric and working for the good of the people.

I guess if such change will occur, it will have to personally affect those officials so as to get a shot of empathy. If not, the best way is to vote them out.




    • Same here. Senseless killings. This is the new normal and awful reality.

      • I struggle to deal with it.

      • Same with me. Only the cruel and heartless will not struggle with it.

  1. Surely the time has come to stop debating and take positive action to curb these incidents!

    • I totally agree but again, political inaction and vested interests with the National Rifle Association will persist. I highly doubt that even with President Trump”s address to the nation later today will change things. There were even suggestions from him that he will tie gun background check with immigration reform. That by itself will not help because it will imply that immigrants incite gun violence when we have 2 white males that were responsible for the past 2 mass killings.

  2. Its the same old story blame everything on non whites, Trump’s non racist policy!

    • I just heard Trump’s speech today and at least,he condemned white supremacy and bigotry. Regarding gun regulations, I have not heard anything yet. We will just have to see in the coming days,if not hours.

  3. Sadly, your final thoughts are correct. When these events begin to affect the lives of those in power things won’t change.
    The power of the NRA needs to be stopped.

    • Easier said than done. The NRA is one big business. To control it(at least) or even stop it at all, it will take a lot of maneuvering on many aspects: business,political,local,etc. Also remember that the US Constitution believes in the 2nd Amendment—the right to bear arms. What will take probably will be more articulation towards responsible gun ownership and use.

  4. The killers don’t appear to have been part of a well regulated militia

    • I doubt that very much. They both look to me as lone wolves who are both mentally disturbed and with their own personal agendas.

  5. Things always go on
    as usual you see.
    No matter the President
    and the other politicians be.
    Things always go on as usual.
    Because the ‘powers to be’
    are not really
    ‘The real powers to be!’
    You see!?

    • Are you kidding?It is election campaigning there right now. All for the win! Heated debates will be the norm there.

      • I suppose you can’t stop the inevitable.

  6. Chicago has the strictest gun control in the country. Yet it is the murder capital of America and continues to skyrocket.
    There are senseless killings every wekend but the media and politicians remains quiet.


    • Politics mainly. Everybody to their own self-interests–reelection bids, govt pension after leaving office, new post-political career afterwards. They cannot afford to antagonize their supporters.

      • Jeffrey Epstein’s death is all about world politics! To many famous, wealthy, influential, well-known and powerful people were at risk!

        So he committed ‘apparent’ suicide!?

        He was taken off the suicide watch list, the camera facing his cell didn’t work, the guards who were suppose to check on him every 30 minutes fell asleep!?

        The truth will never really come out.
        Anyone who dares to really find the truth will just commit ‘apparent suicide!’

  7. Thank you for this post, I really enjoyed reading it and hearing your perspective as someone living in America at the moment. I am Australian and have recently published an article on my blog titled, ‘America and guns’, where I have given my perspective on American gun laws and the recent mass shootings. If you have time to read the article, I would be really interested to hear your thoughts on it! Thanks 🙂

    • Thank you for the feedback. I already read your article as well. First of all, I live in Canada but since I live next door to the USA, I guess my perspective regarding the gun issue is not far from theirs. Your Australian perspective is not far from mine except that you all there were able to implement something. Great read!

  8. Thanks my good friend . .. I appreciate your relentless effort.. From the month of September I shall not post on word press any longer.. You can get in touch with me on facebook @wizzymedpower or Twitter @wizzymedpower1 thanks

    • Thanks for the shout-out.I do not do FB nor twitter at this time but I will keep your FB,Twitter links for future reference.

  9. Guns don’t kill, people do.
    Thank you for 🙂this post.
    It was terrible and I cried but I am a second amendment believer.

  10. Dear Josie the other killer was a follower of Elisabeth Warren. A left wing extremist.

    • I know but I do not think that Ms. Warren would have encouraged him to do it. Like you, I believe that he was mentally ill and dangerous in thinking and decided on his own to do it.

    • I have not really updated my blog site since the very beginning. Someone else had to help me set it up. i am not very tech savvy. So sorry about that. You might need to consult others regarding this technical aspect. Regarding the blogging aspect, I would suggest that you write something that you know and feel comfortable writing about. In this way, your ideas get read by others and they will be drawn to follow you up since they know that you mean what you say regarding any topic that you bring up .

      • Thanks for your help..🙂

      • You are welcome.

  11. I live near the Parkland School shooting site in Florida.

    The school and students knew he was troubled and had issues.

    His doctors knew and provided treatment and prescribed meds to alleviate his issues!?

    The Broward County Sheriff’s Office knew. They had visited his Abode on numerous occasions for his eratic behavior!

    And yet …

    it’s only the guns fault!?

    • No.His mental illness made him use the gun to kill people. In addition, even though your community made best efforts to help him out,you cannot control his mind as to
      when he will do things on a whim. Very complex situation.

      • How many terrorist or other attacks have there been using vehicles, bombs, knives, bare hands and machetes!?

        No gun and his whim may have been to use a car or otherwise!

        Yes! Very complex.

        The Broward County sherrif had a policy not to arrest the troubled boy because he was a teenager!

      • Killers will be resourceful if they are going to carry out,I agree. If only the politicians will do enforce tough gun laws for which the law enforcement can follow, then at least there will be some degree of control. Not perfect but at least something will come out ok, fingers crossed. Sadly, some politicians may become too lax to doing gun laws because they are beholden to the NRAand the gun lobbyists.

      • Lobbyists of all kinds control the politicians in almost all critical issues.

        Have you noticed that no matter the political bend of our politicians and whose in charge and what they say needs to be done, that things just go on as usual?

        There’s more involved here than just a Gun Lobby!

      • I will be blunt—-in any political climate in any country, MONEY talks and these lobbyists deliver such.They also deliver some degree of influence with the politician’s constituents who happen to be the voters and possibly also gun-lovers. Many politicians only think of themselves —getting elected and reelected until they can retire on a gold-plated pension or get a lucrative post-political career elsewhere. If they have to pander for their own interest, nothing will be done in terms of making laws and regulations. I believe in the 2nd Amendment but i also believe in responsible gun ownership as well as responsible gun regulations.

      • Agree! And look to Chicago for stritch enforcement!?

        Worldview and politics rules no mayter the party involved.

        I am not an advocate of guns. My uncle bought me a shotgun when I was a wee lad and it blew up inmy face.

      • I am sorry to hear about your experience with guns ,I can understand your position regarding them.If that also happened tome, I might have the same stance as you. For me, owning a gun would mean self-defence but with responsible gun ownership.

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