Monthly Archives: October 2019

Long ago, we used to look into the encyclopedia to get any type of information supposedly under the sun.  Now, with mobile phones and computers, we just use the app, website,google,wikipedia to get information from all over with automatic digital language translator to boot. Who needs the encyclopedia now, much less a  phone book ?  Even getting the meaning of a word no longer needs a dictionary.Just find it online with spellcheck to boot if in case you got the spelling wrong in the first place. If all else fails, type Who uses paper maps nowadays with GPS and Google Maps in vogue now? Youtube is definitely a go–to video version on anything that we might see and learn. MTV has definitely come a long way with youtube’s inception. Digital voice assistants like Siri,Alexa and Cortana are also good information sources too. They even come with a male counterpart(cannot recall male’s code name at this moment).

It is amazing how  in this ever evolving high-technology era, it is now easy  to get information  very quickly on practically anything you can think of unless it is restricted and encrypted depending on the source where you are trying to get the information  from. Also who needs the librarian now? Even they have to keep up with  the digital era too.

In any case, always respect privacy rules and regulations accordingly and if applicable,depending on the situation that you might be confronted with.

As the saying goes, “A little knowledge can be dangerous”. Whatever happened to the saying—“Ignorance is bliss” ?

Just saying!