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Tonight, all the festive noisemakers and ball-dropping at Times Square will herald the New Year –2020, the start of a new decade. The musical strains of Auld Lang Syne, marriage proposals, new year hugs,kisses and greetings as well as libations will come up accordingly like any other incoming new year happenings.

I find the incoming New Year–2020 as somewhat unique. Imagine it as a double 20. No need for 20-20 vision to see it(no pun intended).

It is a  leap year(Feb. 29). Ladies’ turn to propose! Talk about assertiveness. Woe is to those born on that date. You get to celebrate it only every 4 years and use March 1st as your de facto birthday. It does not make you any younger though–lol.

Wedding dates of Feb. 2,2020(never mind it also as Groundhog Day—did not mean to steal your thunder–Punxatawney Phil, my apologies to you and please do not punish us with a late spring forecast)- and Feb. 20,2020 will be very interesting.

February being the 2nd month at that! I wonder how the betting bookies would spin this.Just saying!

Irregardless of all these trivia, I wish everybody a Happy ,Prosperous and Safe New Year!

Face it with thoughts of hope,optimism and goodwill in this ever changing world of ours.







It is amazing how our mobile phones can practically do almost anything—watch shows, shop and pay , communicate with others by a call or text,search for any info through a website or app as well as take pictures via its built-in camera.

I would like to discuss at this moment regarding the mobile phone camera which gave birth to the reality that we know as a selfie.

The selfie is practically your own way of taking your own picture of yourself.

It has evolved so much in the coming years to a group selfie, a moment when in a store,you take a snapshot of an item that you might want to look and think it over before buying or sending the snapshot to someone for consideration.

If traveling, you take souvenir snapshots of anything that you encountered in your travels whether its different people.unique cuisine,sights and sounds of a different place,etc.

Even if you are among family and friends, it becomes a virtual electronic  souvenir photo album of memories. Now even if you had the chance to bump into a well known person or celebrity, getting this person’s handwritten signature  is so passe nowadays already,mon ami. Instead of a pen, you use your mobile phone camera to take that celebrity’s photo or with you in it. it is practically the new souvenir nowadays.

Even in the annals of national or even local security, law enforcers nowadays ask the public for any photos aside from security cameras(if any and if applicable in that particular moment) if it can help solve a crime. It is the new evidence in this modern, high-tech society of ours.

As the saying goes, “A picture is worth a thousand words.” Need I say more? Another saying comes to mind–“-Res ipsa loquitor”— in the annals of legal forensic medicine, it translates to–“The thing speaks for itself”.

You are basically recording a still shot of any particular moment in time as you see it .Using a selfie stick(the new tripod)  or suction cup with electronic arm devices can be helpful too if needed to help get a better view of your picture target without straining your arms.

As the late Hollywood actor Marlon Brando told the late  Hollywood director Cecile de Mille–“- I am ready for my close-up,Mr. de Mille.”

Smile! You are on candid camera! LOL!!