The Selfie——-The New Autograph,Picture,Souvenir,Evidence,What Have You…..

It is amazing how our mobile phones can practically do almost anything—watch shows, shop and pay , communicate with others by a call or text,search for any info through a website or app as well as take pictures via its built-in camera.

I would like to discuss at this moment regarding the mobile phone camera which gave birth to the reality that we know as a selfie.

The selfie is practically your own way of taking your own picture of yourself.

It has evolved so much in the coming years to a group selfie, a moment when in a store,you take a snapshot of an item that you might want to look and think it over before buying or sending the snapshot to someone for consideration.

If traveling, you take souvenir snapshots of anything that you encountered in your travels whether its different people.unique cuisine,sights and sounds of a different place,etc.

Even if you are among family and friends, it becomes a virtual electronic  souvenir photo album of memories. Now even if you had the chance to bump into a well known person or celebrity, getting this person’s handwritten signature  is so passe nowadays already,mon ami. Instead of a pen, you use your mobile phone camera to take that celebrity’s photo or with you in it. it is practically the new souvenir nowadays.

Even in the annals of national or even local security, law enforcers nowadays ask the public for any photos aside from security cameras(if any and if applicable in that particular moment) if it can help solve a crime. It is the new evidence in this modern, high-tech society of ours.

As the saying goes, “A picture is worth a thousand words.” Need I say more? Another saying comes to mind–“-Res ipsa loquitor”— in the annals of legal forensic medicine, it translates to–“The thing speaks for itself”.

You are basically recording a still shot of any particular moment in time as you see it .Using a selfie stick(the new tripod)  or suction cup with electronic arm devices can be helpful too if needed to help get a better view of your picture target without straining your arms.

As the late Hollywood actor Marlon Brando told the late  Hollywood director Cecile de Mille–“- I am ready for my close-up,Mr. de Mille.”

Smile! You are on candid camera! LOL!!








  1. Yes! But are our smart machines making us dumber? 🤳🏽🤷🏼‍♀️

    • In a way, I would not call it dumber but it does make us less dependent on using our own brains for further thinking. Example—spellcheck. Before,we have to memorize and make sure we got the spelling right. No coaching!

  2. Karl Lagerfeld said: They [selfies] are this horrible thing where you are distorted. The chin is too big, the head is too small. No, this is electronic masturbation.

    • Taking selfies as I see it, it can be done by anyone—whether an amateur or a professional. Many factors come into play here—-either it was done by an amateur,camera defect,picture positioning,but I hear you. The great thing is you can just press the delete button on your mobile phone and the awful image disappears. If it were the standard camera with film, we will be wasting the film if the photo developing did not come out well. Digital cameras would be a good option but inconvenient to bring around instead of a mobile phone all the time. Mobile phones are lighter in weight.

      • You are very right, mobile phones are really practical. This whole selfie thing just gets a bit out of hand. Like when tourists on bikes ride with their selfie stick in front of them … Maybe it’s a blessing & a curse?!?

      • Anything in life has 2 sides—good and bad.It is how we approach it with the proper mind set that it will become better and of good use to anyone.

  3. Technology is fascinating but think about what will happen if we lose the means of the internet. For us older folks I know I could survive but the kids today wouldn’t. We will eventually not even carry money. What will happen if the network is attacked and everything we have saved is gone in a blink of the eye. I am only talking hypothetically, but it is scary to think about. Great thought provoking post!

    • I always believe in keeping a paper copy of everything(tax returns,photos,govt documents,etc) just in case there is a computer hacking,fire,flood,etc. Even in court, the lawyer would appreciate a paper evidence too.

  4. I love taking a snap of evidence that I’ve been somewhere lol.
    They are safe in the cloud. 😉

    • True,true. It’s the current thing now to do and it is fast to store.No need to wait for film to be developed( hardly done nowadays except digital filming) I am not very techy like you and have yet to know more about computer programming. But i will learn at some point.

      • Point and click! The joy is in finding them later!

      • I can take selfies of me but they never look good.

      • I understand. I get into that same situation too but i am not a professional photog anyway.

      • A few weeks ago I was having breakfast at a local cafe. I asked the young couple at the next table could they please take a photo of me….all good 🙂👍

      • It takes the younger generation who are more tech-savvy to pull it off.👍👍👍

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