New Year–2020 As I See It

Tonight, all the festive noisemakers and ball-dropping at Times Square will herald the New Year –2020, the start of a new decade. The musical strains of Auld Lang Syne, marriage proposals, new year hugs,kisses and greetings as well as libations will come up accordingly like any other incoming new year happenings.

I find the incoming New Year–2020 as somewhat unique. Imagine it as a double 20. No need for 20-20 vision to see it(no pun intended).

It is a  leap year(Feb. 29). Ladies’ turn to propose! Talk about assertiveness. Woe is to those born on that date. You get to celebrate it only every 4 years and use March 1st as your de facto birthday. It does not make you any younger though–lol.

Wedding dates of Feb. 2,2020(never mind it also as Groundhog Day—did not mean to steal your thunder–Punxatawney Phil, my apologies to you and please do not punish us with a late spring forecast)- and Feb. 20,2020 will be very interesting.

February being the 2nd month at that! I wonder how the betting bookies would spin this.Just saying!

Irregardless of all these trivia, I wish everybody a Happy ,Prosperous and Safe New Year!

Face it with thoughts of hope,optimism and goodwill in this ever changing world of ours.







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