Lifestyle Changes in this Era of Covid-19(aka Coronavirus)

What a difference a few weeks into this month of March has done for us all. Lifestyle changes in this era of Covid-19(aka Coronavirus)—-social distancing, non-essential business shutdowns and partial  shortened work hours  and lessening customer size per hour for essential retail stores as well as lay-offs and downsizing. Even the way we shop ,entertain or dine has changed too. Online shopping, take-out ,drive-thru,delivery, no more dine-in , no more movie viewing in-theatre,even  less TV entertainment audiencing  to lessen person-to-person exposure. There are extreme cases wherein an entire country is in mandatory shutdown to help lessen the disease transmission.

Work from home,entertain at home(Netflix,etc)  and study from home has been implemented to the max.  Air travel, cruise lines have been affected as well to the point that country-to-country border control has been contemplated and implemented as well.

With all of these happening as if we all now live in a  different world like in a science fiction movie, the pursuit for a vaccine and cure for COVID-19 is still ongoing as well as the infection rate increasing,same with the death rate from the virus.

With this ongoing pandemic, it is amazing to see how such a contagion could affect everyday living worldwide. Never underestimate such viral power.

As to how long this uncomfortable situation will last, God only knows.

No amount of political grandstanding nor finger-pointing will help us. WE WANT RESULTS!!!

Hope for the best but prepare for the worst. Which explains all this panic-buying of  non-perishable foods,toilet paper, hand sanitizers,face masks,rubbing alcohol,swabs,gloves,aloe vera gel,disinfectant wipes and sprays and bleach,but I digress. These items now appear to me more valuable than gold or money at this time.

Speaking of money, some stores do not want cash payments since it carries germs, Debit/credit payments are being encouraged.

My hats off to all the health care workers who bravely face this coronavirus head-on ,trying to mitigate the dangerous effects of it from the populace.

I am afraid that once that virus gets fully eradicated, the lifestyle changes that we now are experiencing will become permanent. The skeptic in me thinks that the business owners  for example will see if it is more profitable to make do with less resources like manpower for example yet gain profit overall.  This early, I already heard of massive layoffs with these non-essential services though others still get 2 weeks pay in spite of not reporting for work for the next 2 weeks. But for how long will these crisis payments be?Will these folks get laid off as well?

It is so surreal right now that all I can do right now is to pray for everything to  eventually go well.

A Chinese saying states—Every crisis is an opportunity. With Covid-19, whatever opportunity comes up, I hope it will be for the better good. This virus does not give a hoot as to who it affects.It definitely does not play favorites. It has no political affiliations and everybody is equal in its eyes.

Another saying–Beware the ides of March–oh,how true it is!




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