??Nostradamus Prediction on Coronavirus??

Someone sent me this intriguing  theory that the well-renowned,French astrologer , physician and seer Nostradamus had predicted the coming of the Coronavirus aka COVID-19.

I had heard that Nostradamus had allegedly accurately predicted the Sept. 11 terrorists attacks, the Kennedy assassinations and even the assassination attempt on the late Pope John Paul II.  There was a mention that he even  allegedly predicted the date of his own death and even changed his will when he predicted that his wife will eventually remarry after his death. Would he be right this time as well?

Here are his words with coined parenthesis on possible COVID-19 associations. You be the judge on it.

“There will be  a twin year(2020) from which will arise a queen(corona–Spanish for crown)who will come from the East(China) and who will spread a plague(virus) in the darkness of night.


Intriguing indeed!


Stay safe,folks!!!










    • Yup. Both a blessing and a curse, I might say.😜

  1. Some humans have amazing powers – or know how to use the ones available to all of us. Take care out there, Josie

    • Thanks.Same to you too,Anne Marie. Not easy situation right now for us all but I guess we all have no choice but to put up with it.

      • Just hope that most of us make it through it. There are families that will never be the same when this is over. Take care out there!

      • Thanks for the concern.Same to you as well.

  2. I always have found him fascinating, intriguing indeed.

  3. I’ve read this somewhere…his predictions can be a bit scary

    • They always say that truth is stranger than fiction.

      • very true, and these days, is one of those times

  4. A scary prediction that is actually happening. We must all do our part to help prevent the spread of the virus the best we can. Be safe and stay well.

    • Same to you as well. Hope this will be all over. Life routine on a daily basis has become quite challenging indeed.

  5. Interesting post. I’d be curious to know if he also made a prediction of the aftermath of this virus…

  6. Yup heard of this guy. Sometimes knowing a lot can be bad too. Did he say anything else?

    • Nothing so far as COVID-19 is concerned. I suppose that he expects us to figure it out ourselves.

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