Coronavirus(COVID-19) , Mother Nature , Climate Change & Post-COVID-19 phase

I just found out the news that China will be lifting the travel ban on Hubei province,including Wuhan where it was the epicenter of the coronavirus outbreak.

Lock down was enforced since January  and just a few weeks ago in that month ,there were signs that the air pollution in China especially in those 2 places had cleared significantly. I believe the International Space Station can look down from above to see that the air quality is now so clear,as if of perfect quality. By March, the incidence rate had already gone down significantly, in fact, less than 10 affected with that virus.

Hubei’s travel ban will be lifted soon while Wuhan will have theirs lifted, I believe from April 8 on. Gradual return of everyday services with frequent health-checks will be in play.

That is something that I am looking forward to as well. it would be one hell of a “Corona liberating party” and back to normalcy of partaking of other enjoyable activities—leisure travel and cruises, dining out,shopping in a mall or even a neighborhood store,watching a movie , drinking alone or with friends in a pub,etc. Also, the regular workforce can go back to their regular work routine as well.

I would also encourage supporting our local small business partners (ex. the mom & pop store)since they are also part of the economic backbone of our respective locale.

One thing’s for sure —the business of producing TP,paper towel,rubbing alcohol, masks, Purell hand sanitizers,disinfectants etc. will always stay lucrative from now on because of heightened awareness of a pandemic whether now or in the future.

Looking at how China is right now in starting to at least gradually returning to a normal life routine,perhaps the coronavirus is also a byproduct on how much mankind has been relying on technology to attain financial progress,affecting how the environment led to overall changes to Mother Nature , hence the imbalance and the emergence of climate change.( warming)

If COVID-19 does get to be totally eradicated,we all do indeed need to be more careful as to how we conduct ourselves especially with regards to the environment.

The lifestyle changes and personal priorities for the better good that we are making now should continue for keeps.

Saving the environment and preventing further climate change will probably stop the emergence  of coronavirus 2.0  aka COVID-20 and thereafter.

Balancing the use of natural resources in our quest for financial progress is imperative.

The Swedish climate activist Greta Thunberg might be on to something about the need to not cause the imbalance in Mother Nature which could lead to significant climate change.

Just saying!




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