COVID-19 Brings Out The Best In Mankind

COVID-19 aka coronavirus is the  great equalizer ,bar none. Everyone is potentially affected in some way with it.

2 key phrases stand out in my mind:  “Stay safe.” “.”We are all in this together”‘.

These 2 phrases heighten the awareness that we are all affected with  COVID-19 in some way and cognizant of the need to take all antiseptic precautions from it.

As I had mentioned in my previous blog regarding  COVID-19 inspired lifestyle changes,other businesses either close up or start pursuing alternative business modules to survive—doing virtual/online/streaming services to reach out to their regular and new clientele. Some of them even went to the extent of producing the necessary medical resources and equipment that are in dire need by several hospitals worldwide—masks,respirators,hand sanitizers,etc.

Even for an individual, the surge in DIY projects  keep coming out—just check Youtube videos for example—how to bake bread,doing simple carpentry projects,etc.just for survival.

It is an attitude and mindset to practice during wartime.Make do with whatever you have at the moment.It reminded me of the “war cake” someone made for me sometime back.

Never underestimate the resourcefulness of the human mind especially when facing situations and trials that warrant survival mode. Probably part of our adrenaline rush–the fight and flight response in all of us.




The best in mankind comes out in acts of kindness and courage—delivering goods to the home-bound(ex.seniors) and healthcare workers,looking out for our respective neighbors,clients leaving big tips to restaurants  for the service staff, just to name a few.

Kudos to all of them!

It gives us all  a time to reflect within ourselves as to what our role in life really is and hopefully, such an attitude will still continue post-COVID-19.

Let me end with what some healthcare workers are saying to the rest of the world:

We are all here for you . Please stay home for us.

These healthcare workers had to be at work to help us medically if needed. It entails personal sacrifice on their part to be away from their own families.

If we follow all the CDC guidelines of staying at home,avoiding unnecessary travels and practicing safety precautions, it will prevent unnecessary hospital trips and would be of a big help to them as well.



  1. Chocoviv said:

    I have seen a lot of goodness….

      • Athira said:

        Thank you Josie..stay connected with blogs!

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