Covid-19 Style Weddings for 2020

With the recent weddings of Princess Beatrice of England last July 17 and one of my nieces last July 11,both held this year 2020, I could not help but notice striking similarities between these 2 weddings.

Both of them had original wedding dates but had to be postponed to later dates as well as replanning all the wedding details and implement health safety protocols in light of COVID-19.

Paring down the guest lists(including wedding party) to no more than 50,social distancing, using face masks and shields as need be,etc.

Yet overall, both weddings came out in its simplified form as elegant,memorable and unique for each wedding couple.

Even before formalizing their wedding vows, both couples had already started adjusting as to how they should carry out their respective celebrations of love so as to make it happen at all in this era of COVID-19.

That,my friends,is how married life is already. Love,compromise and adjustment in this everyday reality, we call life.

My heartfelt congratulations to not only my niece and Princess Beatrice but to everyone else who are taking the plunge this 2020!

Not even COVID-19 can stop the wedding celebrations.

My utmost thanks to a small family business based in Dundee Scotland —MadeAt94( to making my wedding and engagement gifts for my niece and her new husband. This company can be seen also on Facebook and on Instagram.

Suffice to say that the newlyweds LOVED the gifts!


  1. Hi there! The COVID will have to end Josie. I have my ideas still and believe that we must reveal the one behind the OZ curtain.🤔

    • God only knows when COVID would end. (Sigh!) Other priorities in life like the OZ curtain might give us insight if COVID is linked to it in some way.

      • Somewhere there is a hidden link or maybe there are several (connected).🤔

      • Probably. I expect the ongoing testing and production of a COVID vaccine may give us some answers.🤞🤞

      • The test will be in school age children who have already missed their flu vaccination for 2020, due to COVID. I feel that COVID experimentation on our children, will be risky. Hi

      • Here in Canada,there are ongoing expts to make a vaccine which should cover everybody. One you just mentioned 1 aspect. I can bet that in the USA,there are ongoing expts for everybody too. Everything has risks but that is where answers can be seen. The benefit-risk aspect comes into play as well so safety guidelines are also enforced.

      • If the world wasn’t filled with so much evil, I would feel good about the experiments.🤔🙏

  2. I had a niece get married in Australia last week. Same thing. The adjustments that need to be made.

  3. This is so cool, never thought about weddings during this time!

    • For those who want to get married, they will find a way, pandemic or not.

  4. I´m not getting married this year as I had planned

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