To The Victims of the Beirut Explosion–Aug. 4,2020

On Aug.4,2020, the people of Lebanon had experienced a massive explosion which practically destroyed a great part of their nation’s capital–Beirut.

The cause of this is due to igniting the flames coming from contact with tons of fertilizer stored in a designated storage facilty.

Whether the cause is carelessness or criminal in nature, it has yet to be determined and I hope that an intensive and impartial investigation be implemented in this Middle Eastern country that used to be a former French colony.

In my opinion, the Lebanese folks had already a lot on their plate to deal with—COVID-19, a struggling economy and societal graft & corruption.

My prayers and thoughts go out to all the people in Lebanon.

May justice prevail!


  1. Yes. It is very unfortunate. My prayers too. Thanks you for highlighting

    • You are welcome.This situation really is unsettling for me.

  2. Yes,it’s very disheartening to see women, children and other helpless people wounded ,injured and have become homeless.I cannot reach to a conclusion as to how and why did it happen;but I can only pray for them .Lord have mercy on them.🙏😥😥

    • Yes, indeed.I am at a loss for words myself as to the actual root cause of all of this.

      • That’s true.Take care.🙏

  3. Beirut explosion is a human disaster and may justice prevail, Josie!

  4. Please check my list of nominees post I have nominated you Ideal Inspirational blogger Award

  5. Hello.! I nominted you for the Vincet Ehindero Award, check my post “Gratitude for Nomination” for Detail

    • I did already earlier.Thanks so much. Fully appreciated it.

      • Thank you 😊

  6. A thorough overview Josie. We are too in prayer, and hope that other will join with us. Have a blessed week! 🍂☕️☕️🍂

    • You are welcome. I felt that this awful situation needs to be said.

  7. It is extremely sad especially considering their wider economic climate. Though the fact that it has received a decent amount of aid and help does provide a glimmer of hope.

  8. So unfortunate…. prayers sent….

  9. Tangie said:

    Sad and praying for all nations

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