Monthly Archives: September 2020

Black Lives matter. It also encompasses racial equality. Same with gender equality( my hat off to the late Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg aka RBG. )

As I played Marvin Gaye’s epic song–What’s Going On, I could not help but think how prophetic the lyrics are.To attain rights and equality is a constant struggle. Sometimes it can lead to paying the ultimate price to get it.

Let us not take things for granted and hopefully come to a peaceful resolution as well as conversation regarding society’s issues.

In this way, we do not become clueless and as the song title states–What’s Going On ? doesn’t stick to us like glue.


Dear Time Magazine Editor(Sir/Madam)

Near the end of every year, Time Magazine usually chooses among a list of prospective nominees that would be given the title of Time Person of the Year.

That person would be deemed as someone who had influenced society and had left a lasting impact for mankind.

For this year 2020, in my own humble opinion, Sir/Madam Editor, I truly and strongly believe that this year’s Time Person of the Year is not human but a microbe,specifically a virus—-Coronavirus Disease 2019 or aka COVID-19.

It has been with us for almost the entire year and is still ongoing. Worldwide, lifestyle changes are still ongoing and we all keep second-guessing as to how to outwit it so as to survive its deadly sting.

COVID-19 is so powerful that it does not play favorites. Everyone is affected in some way,no exceptions.

But if Sir/Madam Editor,you still would prefer a human nominee, I would recommend the frontline,essential healthcare workers worldwide.

Thank you so much for your time and stay safe!



As we now start the final one-third of 2020,here are my thoughts.

As I see all these lifestyle changes around us in this pandemic year and how it had changed, even permanently at times how we live our lives whether personal or work-wise, I can say this.

Life will never be the same not only in this pandemic year(2020) but hence forth. Life before COVID-19 will never come back,in my opinion.

It is the new normal,folks.

This pandemic happened for a reason. As to what it is, we may know not necessarily now but in the coming days. It is basically a God only knows situation as I see it.

It will be interesting to see how our thoughts of 2020 would be come New Year’s Eve.