Monthly Archives: October 2020

Sir Sean Connery, a well-known Hollywood actor and Oscar winner of Scottish origin has died today–Halloween Day at age 90, leaving behind a long list of film achievements . However, he will always be known as the First James Bond, an MI6 agent (aka Agent 007)who served at the pleasure of the Queen of England’s Secret Service detail.

He gained international stardom as James Bond, the ultimate professional spy who always gets the fanciest and high-tech gadgets(courtesy of the scientist Q) to fight off enemies, with a license to kill ,do not forget that too. This explains why he was called the international man of mystery.

He gets to travel all around the world by plane,jets and on the ground with whatever means possible. There will always be however that dependable car of his–the Aston Martin.

Being the ultimate man’s man as well as a ladies man, he gets to wine , dine and romance all the lovely ladies during his espionage work but he can always depend on his boss’ secretary Miss Moneypenny (with whom he has a faux love-hate relationship) for added assistance.

Thank you for entertaining us all these years, Sir Sean and rest assured that the enigma and allure of James Bond will always prevail. You had set a gold standard for all your successors to emulate.

I can imagine seeing them now all dressed up in their best tuxedos (your standard evening wear) ,handsome and dapper, raising their glasses of vodka martini (shaken, not stirred as you would have liked it that way) towards the sky as a salute to you as you head towards the heavens. You can also hear the tune of the usual James Bond music theme on the backdrop as well.

And before I forget, one of your successors Sir Roger Moore who had left for the journey to the afterlife ahead of you will probably meet you there and talk of good old times.