AGAIN,Paging Time Magazine Editor!

Dear Sir/Madam Editor,

It is me again! I had sent you a letter last Sept.10,2020 regarding the possible choice of Time Person of the Year 2020. I had mentioned COVID-19 as a non-human choice and the frontline health workers as the human choice for the honor.

In this very unpredictable pandemic year, I am writing to you again regarding suggesting possible equal billing for the title of Time Person of the Year.

This time, I would like to nominate the American citizens who have exercised their right to suffrage as well as the employees of each American state electoral agencies in making democracy possible by counting every ballot submitted in .

As they say in their constitution,”We the people,” “The people have spoken”.

The United States is known worldwide as the bedrock of democracy and not that of dictatorship. It carries the gold standard for freedom for other countries to emulate.

I rest my case,Sir/Madam Editor.

May you enjoy the rest of this very challenging year as well as the upcoming Yuletide season.



  1. Jo said:

    Do we have a winner yet?

  2. Does Time matter?
    Do we count the votes
    or count
    the pandemic dead?

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